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Serving Greater Los Angeles & beyond for over 24 years.

Phone, EMail & Distance Sessions

Understanding the demands of the on-the-go lifestyles prevalent in today's world, I am honored to be able to offer you support on your journey in a variety of ways to nourish you, aid in your healing, and create a sense of balance and joy on your journey forward.

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Phone / EMail / Distance

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring Phone Sessions

Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring sessions with Valorie are the perfect “go-to” for you when you need that extra bit of help talking through something, processing your feelings or emotions, or just finding clarity when you have important or overwhelming decisions you need to make. Direction.  Purpose.  Inspiration.  I'm available for telephone sessions by appointment, providing you with someone who will truly listen to you… really hear you… and gently offer inspired guidance to support you.

During the session while listening and talking with you, I channel Reiki energy and any guidance and insights that come forward for you to assist you in centering yourself and connecting with your own higher guidance so that you may become clear and confident. I provide a safe and loving energy to allow you to explore deeper issues or underlying assumptions and beliefs and to assist you in healing, cleansing and releasing any energies or patterns that you are ready to let go of. All sessions are confidential.

Sessions are offered via traditional phone or Skype and are currently available during the following times to be scheduled in advance:

Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.*  ~  Wednesdays,  4 p.m. to 9 p.m.*  ~  Sundays, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.* 

Pay-as-You-Go (one time calls, perfect for anytime support or needs)
(1) 30-minute session ~ $60
(1) 45-minute session ~ $90

Monthly Guidance & Support
(Packages receive additional e.mail support as needed, correspondent to the number of sessions purchased.)
(2) 30-minute sessions (scheduled every two weeks) ~ $115
(4) 30-minute sessions (scheduled once each week) ~ $225
(2) 45-minute sessions (scheduled every two weeks) ~ $175
(4) 45-minute sessions (scheduled once each week) ~ $345

Purchase at TopazVisions.square.site checkout

In the Notes section of your order form/check-out cart, please indicate your top three desired appointment times.

Once you submit your payment, I will be in touch with you to set-up your sessions.
* schedule subject to change.

EMail Guidance Readings

I'm happy to offer you intuitively guided readings through email, allowing you to receive guidance and support when you feel you need it. I find the email medium a nice avenue for bringing through information in a concrete and tangible form for the person seeking clarity, comfort, and/or inspiration, and truly, for anyone wishing to use this service.

When you need some insight and guidance for any questions you face, or issues you are dealing with and need that outside perspective from inspired guidance, consider one of my email readings. I will read your questions, tune into divine energy and allow wisdom to come forth. This is a perfect solution when you need assistance in an affordable way.

Your email reading will be thorough, addressing advice as it comes through and written in-depth and in detail. Each reading is unique to you, your spirit and soul. All readings are confidential. 

Once you have paid for your reading, please send me an e-mail describing the question or issues you would like assistance with and any background that you would like to share. (Please note your invoice number at the top of your e-mail.)

1 Question/Issue is $27.00 and 2 Questions/Issues are $45.00.

Purchase at TopazVisions.square.site checkout

(I limit these readings to up to two questions at a time, as it is important to allow ourselves time to process the information and insights being shared. However, after you receive your reading report via e-mail, you may continue again to ask questions as often as you would like.)

Anytime Reiki Distance Treatments

Reiki is a form of energy work that allows individuals to release, revitalize, and heal, restoring harmony and balance. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels for surface-to-soul-level healing. Reiki is a gentle but effective method for well-being, self-growth and self-transformation. Reiki can be done in-person or by distance.

The anytime Reiki distance treatments are designed to send you the energy anytime you feel you need or want it. You DO NOT need to schedule anything or set aside a specific time. Once your request and payment are received, I will, within approximately 48 hours, administer your Reiki session and you will then receive a report via email letting you know that the session has been completed, including a few notes and comments about any particular energy patterns that were noticed.

Like any other Reiki or healing session, be sure to drink lots of water, be gentle and loving with yourself as things come up to process, and relish in the joy of connectedness in opening up.  Know that whatever your intentions are, healing and connecting are indeed taking place.

Distance sessions are offered as a one-time, anytime-you-need-it session or as weekly healing sessions, which are perfect for those working through deep or multi-faceted types of issues, imbalances, or disorders and those who are going through big changes for which they would like support. Distance sessions are a nice supplement to other healing people may be doing. All distance Reiki sessions are confidential.

Single Treatment
(1) 30 min. distance session $45  

Ongoing Support
(4) 30 min. distance sessions $165 (once per week for one month)
(8) 30 min. distance sessions  $325 (twice per week for one month)

Purchase at TopazVisions.square.site checkout

Regular in-person, and scheduled distance via phone sessions are also still available, please inquire for information and rates.

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