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Serving Greater Los Angeles & beyond for over 24 years.

Treatments and Sessions with Valorie

Working with me in a healing treatment (or a class) is a way of connecting more deeply with your self and your heart to open what needs to be opened, heal what needs to be healed, and release what needs to be released, in order to purify your energy and live a joyous and love-filled life, fulfilling your Divine purpose for being here now.

I am available for healing sessions incorporating:

Reiki & SSR / Crystal Therapy / Hypnotherapy / Spiritual Mentoring

All in-person sessions are done in my healing room within my home in Hermosa Beach, CA (90254). If you are located outside the local Los Angeles area, please see my Distance Services Page. (Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.)

Weekday/Weekend, Day/Evening appointments are available.
To schedule a session, simply call or send me an email message.

Reiki and/or Sekhem~Seichim~Reiki (SSR) Sessions

A Reiki or SSR healing session is your opportunity to take time to focus on yourself, whether you wish to make changes in yourself or your life, to come for healing for physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances, or to simply rejuvenate, nurture, and inspire yourself.

In each session, you are provided an opportunity to release old, limiting belief patterns and blocked up energies, to cleanse and realign your thoughts and belief structures, and to anchor in healthy and positive ways of thinking and being. A healing treatment allows you the chance to restore your health and balance, on all levels physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I talk briefly with a client at the beginning of a session and then proceed to 45 to 50 minutes of energy work, during which time you are lying fully-clothed on a massage table. We then talk again as we wrap up the session time together.

I ask people to allow an hour to an hour-and-a-half of time for a session. I work intuitively with people who come in for a healing treatment, always providing a safe and loving space for each person's individual healing experience. In over twelve years of working as a certified Reiki Master Level Teacher and Practitioner and Crystal Pracitioner, I've truly come to see how each session is divinely blessed and unique as to what a person needs at the time of treatment.

Some treatments involve talking about things that the person receiving the treatment is working on healing or changing while other sessions involve the person relaxing so deeply that he or she may even fall asleep. No two sessions are ever the same as the energy is specific to the needs of the person receiving it at the time.

40-Minute Reiki Session - $195
90-Minute Reiki Session - $295
4-session Mentoring Package - $1,060
6-session Mentoring Package - $1,500

Crystal Therapy

Crystals and minerals have vibrational healing properties that can assist individuals with many different issues and conditions on all levels of their being.

Crystal therapy involves using the energy of crystals and minerals to facilitate cleansing one's own energy field and body. A crystal healing session with Valorie involves crystal layouts on the body designed to accomplish the client's specific intentions and purposes for the session as the client reclines fully-clothed on a massage table.

Stones may be used directly on the body, depending upon the crystal, or may simply be used in one's energy field. You can meditate with crystals, bathe with them (again, depending upon the stone!), sleep with them, carry them in your pocket, wear them in jewelry, hold them in your hand, drink elixirs made with them, or simply look at them. There are so many ways to utilize crystalline energy.

40-Minute Crystal Session - $195
Combined Reiki & Crystal Treatment - $295
4-session Mentoring Package - $1,060
6-session Mentoring Package - $1,500


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for unlocking and reprogramming our limited subconscious beliefs and patterns. These beliefs are what underlie many of our problems and limitations that block our ability to move forward along our life journey. By reprogramming our beliefs, we can help heal the issues and patterns we wish to change and bring a more peaceful sense of being to our body, mind, and spirit.

Hypnosis is a gentle, yet quite effective, means of treating all types of anxieties, phobias, and both self-limiting and self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviours. You are always in control of your hypnosis process and are fully aware of all that is being said in the session.

Hypnotherapy sessions are typically 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the first session, with follow-up sessions lasting 1 hour. Many issues that people wish to work with are resolved in 1 to 6 sessions.

Initial Hypnotherapy Session - $295
Additional Sessions - $195
3-session Mentoring Package - $525
6-session Mentoring Package - $1,050

Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

Sometimes it helps to have someone to work with when you are making changes in your life, attitudes, beliefs, and/or behaviours.

I combine energywork with intuitive listening and guidance to assist you in your journey of self-transformation.

Individualized session plans are designed to facilitate each person's unique needs for guidance and spiritual counseling, spiritual coaching or mentoring.

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