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Serving Greater Los Angeles & beyond for over 24 years.

Grief Support

Loss and change can be hard.

I accompany people in some of their most challenging points of life and guide them through to a place of centeredness, calm, acceptance, and, ultimately, joy and love. Through Reiki energy healing, grief support, compassionate listening, hypnotherapy, and spiritual guidance and coaching, I've assisted clients, students, and my community with their emotional, mental, and physical wellness needs for over 22 years.

In 2021, as we navigated the pandemic, I prayed for guidance of how best to help with the mass grief encompassing our lives, communities, and world. I was led to David Kessler's Grief Educator training. This provided me a valuable, expansive knowledge of the multilayered and multifaceted degrees of grief a multitude experience at some point in their lives. Many need extra support to navigate grief's bumpy terrain. It shows strength to seek help when we need it.

Grief support: I've helped individuals with their own grief with health challenges and cancer diagnoses, as well as family members' needs as they navigate their loved ones' health journeys and impending loss. I've aided individuals and families with loss, including loved ones, pets, jobs, homes, and direction, in situations of sudden, anticipatory, deferred, and multiple loss.

I provide a safe and sacred space for healing to happen. We can meet for a one-time appointment or a series of sessions.

I am happy to provide grief services independent of, or integrated with, Reiki healing services.

Reiki Healing Reiki is a vibrational energy that works across our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to reconnect us and restore balance in our bodies, emotions, and mind. Reiki treatments may be quiet as a person moves within while receiving healing energy, or interactive as we process to reach core issues, beliefs, and blocks for release and healing, and at times, a combination of both.

Reiki support: I've helped across a vast realm from physical health conditions, supporting while individuals go through medical treatments; to emotional health, working through stress, depression, grief, trauma, and addiction; to mental health, reprogramming subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, aiding depression, and opening greater creativity and peace; to spiritual wellness, facilitating deeper connection with self, soul, and purpose.

Please feel welcome to contact me. I look forward to hearing about your individual needs and how I may support you. I offer safe, loving, and compassionate wellness services to fit your specific needs.


Grief Support

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