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Serving Greater Los Angeles & beyond for over 24 years.


I feel incredibly grateful to be able to share Reiki with others and to receive wonderful feedback from people who I've worked with in healing sessions and classes.

I'm honoured and blessed to be of service and enjoy seeing people transform and heal themselves and their lives, opening and becoming lighter and brighter beings.

"This [Reiki class] was awesome!" ~ lw

"Thank you SO much... It really helps to get things out. I valued your input very much. Thank you for listening. That stuff has been weighing heavily on me. I enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and balanced after a session. Again, thank you so much." ~ pg

"Your compassion and understanding has helped me grow even more in my journey towards healing." ~ jw

"I really appreciate you introducing me to Reiki, and this has helped me on my spiritual journey. I really appreciate your support and efforts in this really difficult time. I believe in Reiki and I know how much you made a difference in my life teaching me Reiki. You have a special gift and a great personality, and I am glad that we had the opportunity to work together with Reiki." ~jd

"Thank you so much. When I saw you I was on the verge of tears for the pain. I have not had one spasm since you finished working." ~ m