LOVE Carries Our Grief

Our hearts go through many joys and sorrows throughout our life, up and downs, open times and broken times, LOVE and grief, and the spectrum in between. LOVE often feels radiant, light, and flowing, while grief feels dark, heavy, and constricting. LOVE is always there, though. Like the sun shining behind clouds though we cannot see it, LOVE is there throughout the loneliness and darkness of grief.

Navigating the grief journey is a healing process, one that has no time limit or deadline. Each person’s journey with grief is unique and individual. Though many may share similarities, it is essential to respect the grief of each person without comparison or judgment. LOVE does guide us and carry us through our grief, and, in time, brings days with more light than dark, more laughter than tears, and more joy than sorrow.

Trust your process. Cry when you need to. Take everything moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, or day-by-day when that’s needed, and know that LOVE will get you through in the end. ❤️

Ask for help when you need it, from trusted friends and loved ones, support groups, or healing professionals. We are not meant to struggle through sadness and grief alone, and it is okay and helpful to cry in our safe spaces, with those we trust and LOVE. ❤️

I hold you and your heart dear, especially as you traverse a trail of tears. Sending you LOVE, courage, and strength to support your steps along your healing path. ❤️


So much LOVE,

❤️ to ❤️

💜 Valorie

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