The Gift of Gratitude & LOVE

However you choose to view your experiences, in all things give gratitude and LOVE. Our perspective shapes our reality. When we move from labeling and viewing things as good or bad and just accept our experiences as part of our life lessons on our journey, we free ourselves from the emotional attachments that come from either view. In this liberation, we allow ourselves to accept the peace that comes with allowing what is simply to be what it is. Gratitude is a powerful tool to assist us ... Continue reading [...]

Angels, Near and Far

I believe Angels are around us, near and far.  I've worked with, and know, people who can actually see them and/or hear them. I've felt their presence myself. Angels take many forms, often appearing as people or animals, when beneficial to assisting us in some way. Though always with us, we have to ask for help from Angels, and we may do this by praying to God for help or requesting help from Angels directly. They may intervene, without our request, to save us if there is a life or death situation ... Continue reading [...]