Loving Ourselves

Are you nice to yourself? Do you compliment yourself? Encourage yourself? LOVE yourself? If not you, then who? It is easy to get caught up in the trap of looking for LOVE and validation outside of ourselves, the trap of seeking others approval, the trap of looking for someone to tell us what to do or what direction to take. We are here to remember our LOVE and our divine essence and empower ourselves. It is time to wake up and embrace ourselves as we are, accepting our perceived imperfections and ... Continue reading [...]

Letting LOVE In

In my last post, I wrote of opening our hearts and choosing LOVE.  Sometimes, feeling LOVE just happens and it is easy.  Other times, we have to make a conscious decision to LOVE someone or something.  Choosing LOVE is equivalent to allowing flow in our lives.  When we are upset or feeling anything but LOVE in a situation or toward a person, we have typically been triggered by something and we are reacting from that stuck space within where we hold a stored memory or trauma and shutting down.  ... Continue reading [...]

Choosing LOVE

Happy Summer Solstice! Solstice is a perfect time for getting fired up and stepping into your light, following your passion, and beating the drum and rhythm you are here to sound. Open your heart, choose LOVE, and make every moment count! Choosing LOVE means choosing compassion... choosing forgiveness... choosing gentleness... choosing tolerance... choosing acceptance... choosing non-judgement... choosing kindness... choosing patience...  In choosing LOVE, we learn to embrace ourselves ... Continue reading [...]