Your Personal Healing Journey

There’s a song lyric I love that sometimes plays in my head: “You can never get around what you gotta go through,” by Griffin House. It’s one of those simple truths captured so beautifully in a song that speaks to you. 🥰 I help people navigate the things they’ve got to go through with my open heart, healing energy, and a guiding hand. ❤️

I offer healing sessions for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, as well as grief support, for those who want or need a little help finding their Self, direction, purpose, and/or meaning.

While times of turmoil and darkness are rough, they are also opportunities for our growth and transformation. When we surrender and open to our healing journey, the magic begins and shift happens. ❤️

Email, text, or call me to explore your healing options at (310) 798-4755. ❤️ LIVE LOVE ❤️

Green Flourite is the mineral in my photo. It provides a lovely balancing and stabilizing energy, brings order to chaos, and helps us organize and reframe our thoughts to make sense out of confusion. This is a powerful stone to assist healing our hearts and minds. 💚 You may connect with Green Flourite’s energy by looking at it in the photo and taking a few deep breaths in to your heart center. 💚 If you want a physical piece to hold, it’s available in the Crystal Studio.

The song lyric is from Griffin House’s awesomely moving song, “Go Through It,” which you can find on his YouTube channel. 😊

Green Flourite and Griffin House… two of my personal favorites! Healing and transforming energy to change people’s lives, another! 🥰

LOVE is the way! 💚


Holding a sacred space of LOVE for you… ❤️ to ❤️

💜 Valorie

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