Play It By Heart

Play it by heart today! In that moment of making a decision or a choice about what to do or not do, pause, then breathe into your Sacred Inner Heart ~ that deepest part of you that is connected to your Soul and Source/your Higher Power ~ and let your Sacred Heart guide you to what feels right and best for you. ... Continue reading [...]

Shiny, Happy People

Surround yourself with amazing, positive people -- people for whom you feel admiration, respect, and/or LOVE. It helps you shine your LOVE and LIGHT upon the world and share your radiance. Just as you are what you eat, your vibration is affected by the company you keep. It's time to be healthy and to fulfill our purpose and destiny in this life. It's time to wake up and LOVE ourselves fully and to share that LOVE endlessly. Loving ourselves means that we take good care of our body, mind, and spirit. ... Continue reading [...]

Be Bold Today

Be bold today. Follow your heart.  Forge a fabulous new trail! Get out of your own way and take chances as you leap into action -- creating... writing... speaking... dancing... drawing... painting... singing... putting yourself out there... taking chances wherever you are led... stepping into the unknown or uncertain... pushing through resistance... overcoming fear... moving forward... making changes... loving, and living, with unbridled passion... Deep within, you  know what your heart beckons ... Continue reading [...]

Listen To Your Heart

Often, we look outside for our teachers.  We seek someone we can learn from and we do learn a great many things from others.  We must remember, though, to allow time to learn from ourselves, to nurture that part of ourselves that provides our inner knowing, our inner guidance.  The core aspect of our being that we are many times afraid to trust, afraid to empower, is there to lead us where we need to go. It is time to stop looking for one more teacher, one more book to read, one more self-help ... Continue reading [...]

Choosing LOVE Over Fear

When caught up in fear, we are not living from a place of faith, which is a place of empowerment and strength. We may not recognize how deeply disabling our fear is, as it is challenging to see clearly from within the cloud fear creates. We may not recognize how our fears shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, and our entire perspective. ... Continue reading [...]

Happy Dance

Too often, it is easy to get caught up in things outside of ourselves. When we find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, or just plain overextended, it is an indication we are out of balance. This is a perfect opportunity to take a breathing break to calm and center our self and then to schedule a date with our self to do something that makes us happy. Perhaps walking on the beach, running in a park, reading a book, watching a movie, taking a hot bath, or sharing coffee/tea with a good friend brings ... Continue reading [...]

On LOVING And HEALING Ourselves, Our Communities, Our World

This past week saw the passing of the brilliant and amazing Robin Williams, and as word of his suicide spread, the illusion of the comic man gave way to the reality of the struggles of the person beneath the mask and the character. He cut to our core and presented us an amazing opportunity to look at those places within us, our loved ones, and our communities that need attention and need healing. My heart is broken open, as I know are the hearts of many others I know and those I have yet to meet. My ... Continue reading [...]

The Gift of Gratitude & LOVE

However you choose to view your experiences, in all things give gratitude and LOVE. Our perspective shapes our reality. When we move from labeling and viewing things as good or bad and just accept our experiences as part of our life lessons on our journey, we free ourselves from the emotional attachments that come from either view. In this liberation, we allow ourselves to accept the peace that comes with allowing what is simply to be what it is. Gratitude is a powerful tool to assist us ... Continue reading [...]

Loving Ourselves

Are you nice to yourself? Do you compliment yourself? Encourage yourself? LOVE yourself? If not you, then who? It is easy to get caught up in the trap of looking for LOVE and validation outside of ourselves, the trap of seeking others approval, the trap of looking for someone to tell us what to do or what direction to take. We are here to remember our LOVE and our divine essence and empower ourselves. It is time to wake up and embrace ourselves as we are, accepting our perceived imperfections and ... Continue reading [...]

Letting LOVE In

In my last post, I wrote of opening our hearts and choosing LOVE.  Sometimes, feeling LOVE just happens and it is easy.  Other times, we have to make a conscious decision to LOVE someone or something.  Choosing LOVE is equivalent to allowing flow in our lives.  When we are upset or feeling anything but LOVE in a situation or toward a person, we have typically been triggered by something and we are reacting from that stuck space within where we hold a stored memory or trauma and shutting down.  ... Continue reading [...]

Choosing LOVE

Happy Summer Solstice! Solstice is a perfect time for getting fired up and stepping into your light, following your passion, and beating the drum and rhythm you are here to sound. Open your heart, choose LOVE, and make every moment count! Choosing LOVE means choosing compassion... choosing forgiveness... choosing gentleness... choosing tolerance... choosing acceptance... choosing non-judgement... choosing kindness... choosing patience...  In choosing LOVE, we learn to embrace ourselves ... Continue reading [...]

Standing Clear With LOVE

Each of us has our own journey in life.  Each of us also has the responsibility for how we live our life and the choices we make or do not make that in turn call into being our life experiences for our spiritual growth.  It serves no one for us to take on more than that for which we are truly responsible. Yet we often do just that... blaming ourselves for things that are outside our notion of control, things that happen in the flow of life and in truth have nothing to do with us, other than that ... Continue reading [...]