Your Personal Healing Journey

There's a song lyric I love that sometimes plays in my head: "You can never get around what you gotta go through," by Griffin House. It's one of those simple truths captured so beautifully in a song that speaks to you. I help people navigate the things they've got to go through with my open heart, healing energy, and a guiding hand. ... Continue reading [...]

Be Bold Today

Be bold today. Follow your heart.  Forge a fabulous new trail!

Get out of your own way and take chances as you leap into action -- creating... writing... speaking... dancing... drawing... painting... singing... putting yourself out there... taking chances wherever you are led... stepping into the unknown or uncertain... pushing through resistance... overcoming fear... moving forward... making changes... loving, and living, with unbridled passion...

Deep within, you  know what your heart beckons ... Continue reading [...]

Listen To Your Heart

Often, we look outside for our teachers.  We seek someone we can learn from and we do learn a great many things from others.  We must remember, though, to allow time to learn from ourselves, to nurture that part of ourselves that provides our inner knowing, our inner guidance.  The core aspect of our being that we are many times afraid to trust, afraid to empower, is there to lead us where we need to go.

It is time to stop looking for one more teacher, one more book to read, one more self-help ... Continue reading [...]

Choosing LOVE Over Fear

When caught up in fear, we are not living from a place of faith, which is a place of empowerment and strength. We may not recognize how deeply disabling our fear is, as it is challenging to see clearly from within the cloud fear creates. We may not recognize how our fears shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, and our entire perspective. ... Continue reading [...]

On LOVING And HEALING Ourselves, Our Communities, Our World

This past week saw the passing of the brilliant and amazing Robin Williams, and as word of his suicide spread, the illusion of the comic man gave way to the reality of the struggles of the person beneath the mask and the character. He cut to our core and presented us an amazing opportunity to look at those places within us, our loved ones, and our communities that need attention and need healing. My heart is broken open, as I know are the hearts of many others I know and those I have yet to meet.

My ... Continue reading [...]

The Gift of Renewal

Each day we are blessed with a powerful opportunity to begin anew, to start fresh, if we choose to embrace it.  We can surrender the shortcomings of yesterday and any self-criticisms and self-judgements we made.  We can release old patterns that are no longer working for us.  We can choose to see ourselves in our new day with a clean slate and new possibilities.  We have the ability to let go of that which didn't work and to open up to that which may.

Sometimes we just need a reminder.  ... Continue reading [...]

Allowing LOVE

LOVE is an incredible energy and has the power to heal.  When we are "in love", we enjoy this energy and float around feeling great.  Then the ego sets in, we call it "reality", and we begin to find faults and lower the vibration of the emotions we were feeling.  What if we chose to allow LOVE instead... to open our hearts to ourselves... to open to the truth of LOVE as a powerful energy rather than limiting it to an emotion we feel or feel we lack?

Allowing LOVE in our hearts and our lives ... Continue reading [...]

Breathing Into It

I often find myself recommending to people to "breathe" and "breathe into it" during times such as challenging events, anxiety attacks, emotional upsets, and pains or injuries in the body.  What does it mean to breathe into something and why do I remind people to do it?

When we experience disruptions in our energy flow and in our idea of how things should happen or what they mean, there is a natural tendency to hold our breath.  We hold our breath as we wait for what is coming next or wait ... Continue reading [...]