The Power Of Your Conscious Voice & LOVE

❤️  Select play for audio recorded by me. ❤️ Beloved One, Your voice is your voice. It is unique, as are you. It is resilient and powerful when connected to LOVE. Use your voice. Speak your words consciously with LOVE. You can move mountains with a just a few mindful words. Connect to your heart and listen, then let your voice carry forth the whispers of your heart and soul. Our world and universe desire, and indeed need, each soul's lovely voice tuning in true LOVE and Light, harmonizing ... Continue reading [...]

Believe In LOVE’s Healing Power

❤️  Select play for audio recorded by me. ❤️ Hello Beloved, The energy of true LOVE heals.  True, unconditional LOVE is Sacred LOVE and is Holy and Divine.  It heals with the accepting, non-judgmental, uplifting energy of purity and wholeness, and the vast infinite radiance of Divine True Source. Some call this God's Light and LOVE, this Holy LOVE. Sacred LOVE is our birthright. We do not have to earn it or deserve it.  We only need to connect to it and bring it fully in to our ... Continue reading [...]