Flow is all around us: in the water that moves along its path, in the sunbeams that glisten over everything, in the air that sustains life, and in the trees that bend and the leaves that dance in the breeze.

Flow is essential to our well-being, both being able to flow with everything and being in the flow of everything.

Flow reminds me of breath.  There is gentle movement:  in and out, back and forth, expansion and retraction. When we breathe deeply, without constriction, energy moves throughout our being. When we flow fully, without stagnation, we ride the energy waves inside us and around us.

Flow is the healthy dance of surrender and acceptance, of embrace and non-attachment.

To truly permit flow, we must open our hearts and remove the barriers, walls, and masks within which we’ve encased them for our protection.  Learning to LOVE ourselves and open our hearts empowers us to live our lives from a place of LOVE, a place of authenticity and inner power, and this allows us to embrace flow as we sway and bend, expand and change.

Water flows over and around obstacles in its path.  Emotions are often symbolically connected to water.  To embody flow, we must learn to express our emotions rather than bottling them up and/or stuffing them within the depths of our being.  This expression can be within the safety of our home and does not need even to involve any others to whom our feelings are connected.  It is simply the mere act of allowing and feeling the emotions we need to feel.  Through this connection with our emotional body, we provide ourselves the fertile ground for healing and transformation.

As little children, we cried when we felt like crying.  We raged when we felt like raging.  We laughed when we felt like laughing.  We felt whatever it was that we were feeling.  Children are present in the moment.  Children feel their feelings, at least until they are taught it may not be safe by an adult or parents’ discomfort with their emotional display.  Learn the incredible power of accepting your emotions and becoming comfortable in what you are feeling.  Learn the value of safe emotional expression, and by safe here, I mean healthy expression as opposed to venting or lashing out.  Reclaim your childhood innocence and give yourself a safe space to emote.  Connect with your inner child and feel what he or she is feeling, and then give yourself permission to feel your own feelings and to learn, heal, and grow from the messages they convey.  When you open up that bottle or uncover the stuffed place within, you open yourself to flow once more as you allow the trapped energies to move through you and out of you.  Holding on instead of letting go blocks your flow.  As energies move out and you become lighter, you harness a new flow within, a flow that aligns you with your true self and ultimately with your purpose and passion.

Allow the flow of LOVE into your heart and your being and enjoy the movement that occurs within your own body and all around you.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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