Making Time

Making Time

Making Time

We move through our days, sometimes with them seeming to blend into one another.  Appointment to appointment.  Errand to errand.  Thought to thought.  How often do you stop just to be present with yourself, present with your awareness?  How often are you present in your challenges and your pain?  How often are you present in your joy and your LOVE?

With hectic schedules and preoccupied minds, it is easy to lose yourself.  Not making time for yourself simply to be present with your self is self-limiting and ultimately, a self-destructive pattern.

Part of learning to LOVE yourself is learning to make time for yourself, learning to create silence within even amidst the appointments, the errands, and the responsibilities, and learning to hear and to listen to your inner voice and its Divine wisdom for your being.

Making time for you doesn’t have to involve anything fancy or even take a lot of time from your schedule.  Making time is a shift in your awareness of yourself, a shift in your awareness to your self.  This can be as simple as taking a few moments to breathe deeply and just be present in the breath, present in what you are feeling in the moment.  Making time for you means remembering, as the flight attendants say, to put on your air mask first before assisting those around you. It means listening to your own needs and desires and learning to give them priority over those of others when possible.

As you make more time for yourself in little, yet powerful, ways, you begin to see larger changes in your life and you reclaim your energy and empower your self.  You plug in to the path and purpose for your life and to your higher guidance.  You may still find yourself moving from appointment to appointment, errand to errand, and thought to thought, though now from a more solid foundation that you’re creating with your breath, your awareness, and your LOVE for yourself.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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