The Gift of Renewal

Solstice Pond

Each day brings the opportunity of renewal.

Each day we are blessed with a powerful opportunity to begin anew, to start fresh, if we choose to embrace it.  We can surrender the shortcomings of yesterday and any self-criticisms and self-judgements we made.  We can release old patterns that are no longer working for us.  We can choose to see ourselves in our new day with a clean slate and new possibilities.  We have the ability to let go of that which didn’t work and to open up to that which may.

Sometimes we just need a reminder.  Other times, we may need a little help getting there.  Think of the flow of water and how it flows around and over rocks.  When something blocks the path, the water collects until its buildup pushes through or over the obstacle and the water flows once again.

Perhaps there was a practice you were following and got off-track, skipping days that may have even turned into weeks or months or longer:  exercise, meditation, diet, self-healing, etc.  The great news is you can begin again anytime you want.  The beauty of life is that you can make a fresh start whenever you decide to do so, no matter the length of time that you felt stuck.  Simply decide what it is that you desire to do or to change and then take the first steps of action that are needed for movement.  If your mind is giving you reasons that will then become roadblocks, thank it and push on through to get to action.

The grace of loving yourself is that you forgive yourself as you go, which frees your energy to flow.  Part of beginning each day anew, is letting go of any blaming of yourself or others for what did or did not happen.  A daily forgiveness process can be most beneficial in changing any self-defeating patterns as you learn to be present in each day of your life.  Accepting yourself and accepting where you are in your life journey is a gift to yourself, the gift of LOVE.  Learn to be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend ~ with compassion and understanding.  In other words, become your own best friend and supporter.

As with all ebbs and flows, some days better than others, some are easier than others.  Tune in to where you are in each moment, both how you are feeling and how you are doing.  Let your heart guide you to your next step.  Remember each day’s gift of the chance for the renewal of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  In truth, we are presented this opportunity in each moment of our being, in each moment we breathe.

Where in your life do you want to free your energy by releasing old patterns and starting fresh?  Are you learning to forgive and to LOVE yourself?  Wherever you are in this very moment, begin now.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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