Listen To Your Heart, Then Follow It

Simply and purely. Listen to your heart. Then follow it. We let fear cloud our heart’s clarity and direction when we listen to the fear instead of our heart. This allows hesitation and resistance to take control, but remember, you have the power within you to return to LOVE.

To help you move through fear, place your fingertips or hand on your heart center with openness or desire to connect to LOVE and Light, and then breathe deeply, breathing in to the depth of your Sacred Heart — the part of you connected to your Soul and Source/Universe/God.

This helps you realign and recalibrate your self and your energy vibration with your Soul and your path and purpose. Raising your vibration assists you in moving forward step-by-step with LOVE. Breathe deeply, and use this breath of connection as often as you want or need.

What is your heart telling you? What is the song in your heart? Share in the comments for energy to support you and your commitment to your beautiful self.


LOVE is the way! 💚

Loving you, ❤️ to ❤️

❤️ Valorie

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