Breathing Into It

Breathing Into It

Breathing Into It

I often find myself recommending to people to “breathe” and “breathe into it” during times such as challenging events, anxiety attacks, emotional upsets, and pains or injuries in the body.  What does it mean to breathe into something and why do I remind people to do it?

When we experience disruptions in our energy flow and in our idea of how things should happen or what they mean, there is a natural tendency to hold our breath.  We hold our breath as we wait for what is coming next or wait to see what we will feel while we are processing our reaction to whatever is at hand.  When we hold our breath, we tighten up; our physical body constricts and our ability to handle stress or pain becomes impaired.  In this place of holding, we can easily get stuck and we loose our grounding in our present moment as we are catapulted to earlier times in our lives that were painful or traumatic.  We then are reacting from the bottled-up and suppressed emotions of prior pains or traumas, rather than coming from our present self, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Our breath is a vital force in our being.  Remembering to breathe in moments of challenge, trauma, or pain is essential to moving the stressful or painful energies through our body and empowering ourselves to stay present and to successfully manage what is at hand.  “Breathing into it” means pausing and taking time to breathe a deep, cleansing and healing breath into our body and our being when in challenging or stressful situations.  “Breathing into it” is a way of staying here in the present moment and revitalizing our being through allowing the flow of energy through our body via the breath.  When we stay present and breathe, energy even flows to those places within us holding stuck or repressed energies and provides a wonderful means of healing old hurts or traumas.  “Breathing into it” is about acceptance and flow… about opening up and surrendering… about loving and healing ourselves.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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