Allowing LOVE

Allowing LOVE

Allowing LOVE

LOVE is an incredible energy and has the power to heal.  When we are “in love”, we enjoy this energy and float around feeling great.  Then the ego sets in, we call it “reality”, and we begin to find faults and lower the vibration of the emotions we were feeling.  What if we chose to allow LOVE instead… to open our hearts to ourselves… to open to the truth of LOVE as a powerful energy rather than limiting it to an emotion we feel or feel we lack?

Allowing LOVE in our hearts and our lives is an amazing practice that heals our Self and even those around us.  The energy of LOVE is acceptance.  Acceptance is non-judgment, non-attachment.  Choosing the energy of LOVE over that of fear empowers us.  It moves us to a deeper place within: a place of faith that allows us to trust; a place of surrender that allows us to flow; a place of acceptance that allows us to be.

Where do you allow LOVE?  Where do you block it?  Do you LOVE yourself unconditionally?  True LOVE is the action of accepting yourself as you are in this moment.  LOVE is the nurturing force that allows us to bloom, to follow our passion, and to accomplish our purpose here in this lifetime.  LOVE allows us to manifest our true Self and in so doing, to encourage others to follow suite.  LOVE is the energizing force that allows us to remove our masks and shields and free the light within us.  It is time to shine our lights.  The days of dimming our light have passed… our world needs us fully illuminated, fully shining now.

Begin with small steps that are comfortable.  LOVE one thing about yourself each day… with complete acceptance and non-judgement.  Soon the momentum of LOVE’s healing vibrational frequency will infuse you and guide and support larger steps.  LOVE helps us integrate the dark places within as light illuminates darkness.  Open your heart to your Self and allow LOVE’s energy to heal you, to transform you, to guide you.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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