Standing Clear With LOVE

Standing Clear With LOVEEach of us has our own journey in life.  Each of us also has the responsibility for how we live our life and the choices we make or do not make that in turn call into being our life experiences for our spiritual growth.  It serves no one for us to take on more than that for which we are truly responsible. Yet we often do just that… blaming ourselves for things that are outside our notion of control, things that happen in the flow of life and in truth have nothing to do with us, other than that we were present to the event or it has happened to someone dear to us.

Getting caught in the drama of self-judgement or blame merely delays healing for us and for others. The events of our lives — the traumas and the life changing events — are merely those moments on our life journey that are there to motivate us to change and to transform ourselves and our lives.  They are those moments that are there to awaken our true selves, to call us to the higher purpose in our life and our being. When we go through pain in these moments of transformation, it is important to do the inner work that is needed for our healing. It is necessary to listen to the inner and the higher guidance that is there not only to direct us, but to sustain us, and to resist the oceans of interference from those around us that attempt to influence and sway our perspective.

Too often, people get caught up in a story and the drama of life events. Too easily, we are pulled into one another’s stories and dramas, forgetting that there is a higher purpose in the events of one’s life. Blame, resentment, and anger, whether self-induced or projected, can result from either side of a relationship when something happens. These are the emotions that place us in the binds of trauma and drama instead of the liberation of growth and transformation. Recognizing the higher perspective that every event serves a purpose and an opportunity for growth can enable us to stay centered and present to our true lessons in any experience. Staying present instead of reacting from past wounds or subconscious patterns provides the maximal opportunities for healing for all involved in any situation and allows us to see more clearly for what we are truly responsible and what is the result of a higher purpose working to effect change in our lives or that of another. Doing our inner work and opening our hearts allows us to heal what needs to heal in ourselves and to hold that same space for healing for others.

Open your heart in true, pure LOVE and service and allow what is to be as it is, sending only LOVE and surrendering all else to the energy of LOVE for purification and healing.

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