Angels, Near and Far

AngelI believe Angels are around us, near and far.  I’ve worked with, and know, people who can actually see them and/or hear them. I’ve felt their presence myself. Angels take many forms, often appearing as people or animals, when beneficial to assisting us in some way.

Though always with us, we have to ask for help from Angels, and we may do this by praying to God for help or requesting help from Angels directly. They may intervene, without our request, to save us if there is a life or death situation and it is not our time to go.

I’ve known several times in my life when I knew that a person who helped me or my family or friends was actually an Angel. Sometimes you sense it in the moment; other times you know upon reflecting back on a situation or event. Sometimes, the Angel is really a person being used as an Angel in assisting someone; other times, the Angel is truly an angelic being in either physical or etheric form.

While living in a small neighborhood community outside Portland, Oregon, we had a house-fire. I was with my brother in the front of the house and my Mom was with my sister, who was a baby at the time, in the back bedroom. The fire started on the stovetop in the kitchen and was quickly growing when I discovered it. My brother and I ran straight out of the house to the neighbor’s house to call for help. As it turned out, my neighbor was on the telephone with my Mom and alerted her that the kitchen was on fire and we were safe at her door. They hung up and my neighbor called the fire department, after which we ran back over to the house to await my Mom coming out. In her haste picking my baby sister up and hanging up the phone to get out, she got tangled in the phone cords and tripped, falling down at the foot of the bed. This ended up being a true blessing as right at that very moment, the build up of heat from the kitchen wall that backed up to the bathroom wall was immense and the double-sink-wide bathroom mirror on the wall shattered and exploded, sending the glass, mirror fragments flying across the room. My Mom and sister were safe and protected from the flying glass where she had fallen.

Still standing outside, along with a few more neighbors, we were waiting for them to come out and watching the smoke billowing and some flames. A very, very tall man ran past me and my brother straight into our house, turning left and heading down the hall toward the room my Mom was in. He found her and carried her and my baby sister out of the house. On his way down the hall, he had reached up and pushed on the smoke detector, shutting off its blaring noise. By this time firemen had arrived and took my Mom and sister and this man to check them. The man, who was a person none of us or our neighbors had ever seen around before, appeared to have a light burn on his hand. He looked over, checking on my Mom, and then after that, when we looked for him and my Mom wanted to thank him, he was no where to be found. In my family, we know this man was an Angel sent to save my Mom and sister.

There are times I’m guided to say or do something for someone. I always follow this guidance when it comes. Invariably, I’ll hear back “how did you know?” or something along those lines. I know in these moments God is using me as an Angel for the other person.

Please share your own stories of Angels working in your life or your family’s or friends’ lives. I’m always delighted to read and hear such powerful affirmations of the fact that we are always surrounded by God’s LOVE and light and held in his hand.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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