The Gift of Gratitude & LOVE

However you choose to view your experiences, in all things give gratitude and LOVE.

Our perspective shapes our reality. When we move from labeling and viewing things as good or bad and just accept our experiences as part of our life lessons on our journey, we free ourselves from the emotional attachments that come from either view. In this liberation, we allow ourselves to accept the peace that comes with allowing what is simply to be what it is.

May Gratitude & LOVE shape your way.

Gratitude is a powerful tool to assist us in surrendering and in raising our energy to LOVE from the lower vibrational energies we experience if we are engaging in judgmental, blaming, or shaming thoughts, attitudes, or behaviours. We cannot be thankful and angry at the same time, as gratitude is a higher energy than anger and other heavy emotions. Gratitude helps us to surrender when necessary and let go, and will lift us to carry us through whatever we are experiencing.

In time, we may reach a higher understanding of why things happened the way they have and what part each experience played along our life journey. We may even come to appreciate moments that, at one time, we thought we’d never get through. Acceptance, gratitude, and LOVE pave the way for this growth and self-LOVE, for truly, as we are all connected, anytime we extend gratitude and LOVE, we are also blessing it to ourselves.

Do you need to shift your thoughts and energy to gratitude and LOVE? If expressing gratitude for a challenge in your life is a difficult concept or practice, think of this exercise as giving gratitude for the lesson and the growth to which the challenge will bring you, rather than for the challenge or experience itself. Know, as well, that shifting your thoughts and emotions to gratitude and LOVE is the key to unlocking blocked energies and opening flow in areas where you are feeling weighted by challenges or by your feelings about experiences in your life.

Begin with finding thankfulness for one thing and then expand your gratitude from there. Let LOVE’s energy guide you and heal you as you go. Whether slow and steady, or swift and sure, the gift of gratitude will bring you across the finish line to create a healthier and a lighter and brighter you.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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