Choosing LOVE Over Fear

Fear, in its purest form, is a sensory perception we have to alert us to possible danger.  The feeling subsides as the reason for alarm passes.  When fear takesChoose LOVE Over Fear over or becomes a driving force within, it creates a state of feeling dis-empowered.  This type of fear is disabling, and it is ultimately damaging to more than just ourselves.  We are living in a time in which we are inundated by fearful people and fearful things, locally and globally.  It is ever-so-important to fortify our LOVE, faith, and spiritual connection daily, and to takes steps to nourish LOVE within our being as we are surrounded by fear.

When responding out of fear to something or someone, we are not acting, but rather, reacting from a place within that has been thrust deeply out of balance.  In a fearful state, we attempt to control people, things, and situations around us to help us ease the feeling of fear we are experiencing.  What we don’t realize is that we are actually projecting our fear onto everyone and everything in our effort to mitigate the fear and make ourselves feel safe.  While we often cannot change the fear that is around us, we do have the power of choosing our reaction to that fear.  We have the ability to rise above the fear, to operate from a place of LOVE, compassion, and boldness.

LOVE has a high and light vibration.  The vibration of fear is low and heavy.  When we operate from within fear, we unknowingly create the very conditions around us that we fear, as like attracts like.  We may find ourselves projecting our fear onto people and things around us, becoming upset and emotional as we attempt to pull others into our fearful perspective, actions, and beliefs.

When caught up in fear, we are not living from a place of faith, which is a place of empowerment and strength.  We may not even recognize how deeply disabling our fear is, as it is challenging to see clearly from within the cloud fear creates.  We may not recognize how our fears shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, and our entire perspective.

When in fear, it is important to examine our subconscious beliefs and patterns.  Therein often lie triggers that allow fear to take root within our being and subvert our true and higher essence of LOVE.  When we shed light on the underlying issues allowing fear to overrun us, we begin the healing process.

An acronym for fear is “Forgetting Every Available Resource”.  If you catch yourself acting out of fear, utilize your resources to shift and empower yourself to come from a place of the LOVE and light of our true source, God.  Get help from a trusted friend or a professional, if you need it.  The saying “knowledge is power” is true. Understanding your self and your fears empowers you to move through, and beyond, them to live your life and to contribute to your family, community, and society in a meaningful and productive way.

The energy of fear only creates more fear. The energy of LOVE allows for healing and the shift to a more positive state of being.  Think of LOVE as “Letting Our Vitality Emerge”.  For each of us, we are the only ones who can make the decision to choose LOVE over fear, to extend compassion rather than judge, to seek to understand rather than criticize.

What energy will you choose to propagate today?  It really is your choice, and only your choice.  Choose wisely.  You are creating your perception of reality with your choice, and your subsequent actions or non-actions follow that choice.

Love has the power to transform fear and to illuminate darkness. When you choose to propagate LOVE, you become a true instrument of peace and of God’s divine plan for yourself, your family, your community, and the greater whole.  Choose LOVE and empower yourself now.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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