LOVE & Positivity

I pulled a Healing Angel Card card for us all today and its message is a perfect reminder, especially in light of the saddening and challenging events occurring around us and around the world.

Fill your heart with LOVE and LIGHT.

Fill your heart with LOVE and LIGHT.

POSITIVE THINKING ~ Positive thinking is vital in creating a healthy and abundant life. A positive attitude along with positive beliefs and thoughts are crucial ingredients for creating happiness. Don’t worry – think LOVE.

My Mom says, “You cannot worry and be in faith at the same time.”
It’s true. If we are worrying about something, then we are not trusting everything to flow or to work out as it needs to. Yes, we may have a desired outcome, but that outcome may, or may not, be what is in store for us. Our journey is one of surrender and acceptance, and this is most easily accomplished when we choose to align our thoughts, emotions, and energies with LOVE rather than fear.

LOVE = faith and trust, surrender and acceptance.
Fear = worry and doubt, control and denial.

With so much going on, as you read or hear or take in events in the world around you, pray and/or send LOVE and LIGHT where your heart pulled. Should you find yourself worrying about someone or something, again pray and/or send LOVE and LIGHT for the person or situation. Repeat this process as much as necessary to shift any fearful energies taking hold to those of LOVE.

Raise the overall consciousness by raising your own. Focus on LOVE, and let LOVE flow within you. Bring LOVE to everything you do, everyone you meet, and everything you touch. Leave the world around you better than you found it. In this way, you actively create and contribute more positive, loving energy vibrations that then join those of others around the world.

At the end of the day and every point along the way, a positive attitude, positive beliefs, and LOVE, create a calmer, gentler, and more peaceful experience of life and life lessons.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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