Listen To Your Heart

Often, we look outside for our teachers.  We seek someone we can learn from and we do learn a great many things from others.  We must remember, though, to allow time to learn from ourselves, to nurture that part of ourselves that provides our inner knowing, our inner guidance.  The core aspect of our being that we are many times afraid to trust, afraid to empower, is there to lead us where we need to go.

It is time to stop looking for one more teacher, one more book to read, one more self-help program to listen to.  It is time now to find our strength within ~ our inner knowledge, our inner peace, and our inner power ~ and it is time to allow our divinity to shine fully and radiantly.  We learn the lessons as we go… we must go!  Trust yourself.

Look Within

Sending you LOVE, heart to heart, Valorie

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