Be Bold Today

Be bold today.Be bold today. Follow your heart.  Forge a fabulous new trail!

Get out of your own way and take chances as you leap into action — creating… writing… speaking… dancing… drawing… painting… singing… putting yourself out there… taking chances wherever you are led… stepping into the unknown or uncertain… pushing through resistance… overcoming fear… moving forward… making changes… loving, and living, with unbridled passion…

Deep within, you  know what your heart beckons you to do.

Deep within, you know who your heart calls you to be.

Step up and step out.  Just go for it.  If you fall, get back up, make adjustments, and go for it again.  Break out of the box and listen to your voice of inner guidance nudging you to follow your dreams.

The world awaits your mark and the LIGHT your soul shines when following its purpose.  The world needs your LOVE and LIGHT now.  Let it shine brightly!

Where will your path lead?  When will you take your first steps?  How will you greet the journey?

Be brave.  Be bold.  Be true to yourself and your soul’s journey.


Sending you LOVE, heart to heart, Valorie

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