You’ve Got This!

We had a lovely day in my sacred healing space, managing relief from the heat and the crazy, intense energies of the ethers and the world.  It was my monthly Hermosa Healing & Play Day, a time when I have practitioners offering healings and guidance sessions for those who make their way through the doors we’ve opened for them.  Each and every one is special and unique in its own way.  This gathering was aligned, and infused, with the powerful Virgo New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse energies.

The day saw familiar faces and new, those dropping by for a hello and those coming for a little more.  Teresa Figueroa once again offered inspired and heartfelt readings.  Things were confirmed, options opened, reminders shared.  I was happy to hear one person say after her reading, “I know what I need to do.”

In a circle during the Play Day with Teresa and another friend, I heard the message, “We’ve got this… and we’ve got each other’s backs.”  I shared aloud with the others and we felt the power and energy in the words.

You've Got This!So I share this message with you now, dear Reader, “You’ve got this!  And your spiritual team has your back, your closest friends have your back, and your dearest LOVE has your back.”

Hear this message and know it.  You can do what it is you are here to do. You can step forth and conquer your fears to be all and do all.

You’ve got this!


Sending you LOVE, heart to heart, Valorie

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