Listen to the Rhythms of a Healing Song

HeartsongMusic and sound have such powerful healing potential.  We feel the rhythm, the beat, and the vibration of sound. We feel the meaning and message of the words of songs.

I LOVE the vibrations of Singing Bowls, especially the Quartz Crystal Bowls, and how their energy transforms.

I LOVE music too, across a wide range, and how musicians, songwriters, and singers can touch us at such deep levels with melodies and words.

Song and music can help us relax, unwind, and de-stress.  Song and music can also help us shift our mood or express emotions that need a release, prompting a good cry or a heartfelt smile.

Pay attention to the vibration of the music you take in to your being.  Notice the vibration of the lyrics and the power and message of the words you sing when singing along.  Surround yourself with positive vibrations in words and song.

What is your happy song, and what is the song that brings you to tears when you hear it and perhaps sing along?  What song inspires you and pushes you?


Sending you LOVE, heart to heart, Valorie

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