Oh The Energies!

I’ve found myself saying, “The energies are intense,” a lot these past days, weeks, and months, actually the entire year.  Most knowingly agree or affirm, yes, sometimes with a sigh or an exclamation of some sort.

The Energies Higher, transformational, spiritual energies are infusing our planet.  Some people are plugging along and everything is awesome.  Others are going through challenges and changes of varying degrees of magnitude in their lives. I liken it to being in a pressure cooker with the steam cooking until the food is ready.  The energies are sautéing us until we shift to lighter beings, bringing up any dark, dense, and stagnant areas within for release and clearing.  How this transformation process moves and feels is up to us.

My advice and my practice?

Breathe ~ Always, no matter what, breathe.  When we breathe deeply into our bodies and our being, we allow movement and flow.  Breathing facilitates acceptance.  Our breath is essential to our well being and to surrendering, rather than holding.

Center ~ Getting and staying calm, collected, and connected is important to staying in the driver’s seat.  Being centered means being present in our hearts and the moment, with our thoughts and emotions focused on the now.  Being centered allows us to flow with energy instead of being bombarded by it.

Trust ~ Stepping along our life path in faith is powerful.  Trusting allows us to keep our hearts open and our spirit brave.  Trusting brings acceptance.  When we walk in faith, we can move fearlessly and we flow with the bends and bumps in the road.  Steps taken in trust and faith are always walked in the company of Angels and Guides.  We never walk alone.

Flow with the energy ~ Our journey is made with ease and grace when we surrender and allow ourselves to step in faith with trust, breathing, and centering ourselves along the way.  We flow with the movement of energy, like a surfer riding a wave, letting it take us where we need to go, knowing when to voice and when to listen, when to push ahead and when to let go, when there’s a yes and when a no.  Flowing is accepting what is and moving with it, as we are guided.  Walking our path can become a lovely dance of life when we flow.

What will be your tempo?  How will you handle the energies and their effect upon you and your life?  It is your choice.

Choosing LOVE assists you in acceptance and, thus, in flowing on your journey.  Opt for ease and grace along the way.  Then breathe, center, trust, and flow with the energy.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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