Each Soul’s Journey

Each and every soul has its own journey here on Earth — its own life purpose to accomplish, its own lessons to learn, its own karma to work out.  Our relationships with those in our soul families provide us the opportunities to do just that.  In the intersections of our lives, we feel one another’s joys and pains, celebrations and tribulations.  Ultimately, we have to remember that though our hearts touch each others and our lives intertwine, our roads may differ immensely.

Each soul has its own journey.We learn in our relationships how to LOVE deeply and purely, both others and ourselves.  We also learn how to surrender and let our loved ones walk their own paths, and we learn to walk our own.

It can be tremendously challenging when we or our beloved ones experience tragedy, life-altering illness, or trauma from acts made out of desperation or mental illness that have resulted in horrific or unthinkable events.  At times, we may question ourselves, our beliefs, and even God’s LOVE.  We may find it challenging to continue our own journey in the midst of sorrow or grief.

These are periods during which we undergo incredible growth and transformation, not only in ourselves, but in a greater collective that is tied in to our story.  These are periods when we are held in God’s LOVE and LIGHT as our hearts break wide open.  As we weep, our tears cleanse and renew and we eventually find our ways through the heaviness and bleakness, back to balance.

Should you, or someone dear to you, be dealing with the sadness and shock of events in your life or another’s life journey, send LOVE and pray for those involved, including yourself.

Praying and sending LOVE are incredibly powerful ways to assist one another and ourselves, to assist those dear to us, and to assist the collective consciousness.  Prayer and LOVE focus positive energy and support the individual and the soul’s emergence through its dark days and nights.  Prayer and LOVE transform our sadness, worry, and fear into faith and empower us to find strength within to see us and our loved ones through the challenges and the darkness.

On our soul level, we have agreements with one another and we have actions and experiences in our lives and our loved ones’ lives that we are here to complete, to live, to feel, and to know.  This knowledge doesn’t take pain away or make it any easier to go through rough times, but it may help us find the higher purpose and/or a higher meaning in the traumas or events that occur.  It may help our healing journey and that of our loved ones.

May each be surrounded in the higher spiritual energies of LOVE and LIGHT as we allow the journeys and life experiences of our beloved soul connections and ourselves to unfold.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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