The Power Of Your Conscious Voice & LOVE

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Beloved One,

Your voice is your voice. It is unique, as are you. It is resilient and powerful when connected to LOVE. Use your voice. Speak your words consciously with LOVE. You can move mountains with a just a few mindful words. Connect to your heart and listen, then let your voice carry forth the whispers of your heart and soul. Our world and universe desire, and indeed need, each soul’s lovely voice tuning in true LOVE and Light, harmonizing in this frequency with a vast multitude of others, and walking and dancing each soul’s unique path to fulfilling his or her passion and purpose in being here now.

No voice is ever too small to make a difference when spoken from the heart.Do you speak your truth, the truth of your innermost Sacred Heart? Do you listen to your Sacred Heart? If your answer is no, then it is time now to begin.

Do you hold back? Are you learning to voice your truth and self? Let your Sacred Heart guide you.

Your voice is empowered by the Divine truth you are here to express. Your Sacred Heart knows this truth. As you listen to your heart and yourself, know that living and expressing your truth helps everyone and everything. We are interconnected with one another and All That Is.

Speaking with LOVE, compassion, gentleness, and grace is the way of the Sacred Heart, of our Sacred Heart, yours and mine, mine and yours. Speaking truth is the way of our Sacred Heart and the way of LOVE, real truth, the truth that resonates integrity and authenticity.

Find your innermost heart truth and the voice of your soul, if you haven’t already done so. This is a deep inner connection to your Sacred Heart and the Sacred Heart of the Universe, True Source, and God.

Should you feel challenged in feeling your Sacred Heart, it is time to transform any anger, pain, sadness, or grief that may be masking your connection to your heart and soul. Make time to breathe in to your Sacred Heart and your body and being, and be open to choosing LOVE as your guiding force over fear and releasing any thoughts or feelings that tie you to fear. Reach for True LOVE’s lifeforce line as you surrender fear’s hold anywhere in your emotions, mind, body, or life.

Choose LOVE and empower yourself and your voice now. You can do it! Remember that no voice is ever too small to make a difference when spoken from the heart.

Breathe consciously in to LOVE and Light and your Sacred Heart with each breath you take, and release and surrender all else on your exhalation. In with LOVE, out with fear. In to LOVE, out of fear.

It may take time to strengthen your connection, and this is okay. The point is that you are choosing LOVE and choosing to strengthen your connection to LOVE’s holy energy and that you begin and you take the action of doing. Your connection to your Sacred Heart and true LOVE and Light is so worth the effort it takes to open your heart and heal any heartaches.

Make time for true, Sacred LOVE in your heart, body, being, and life. Then ask… What is it that your heart and your soul most yearn to express? Your Sacred Heart knows the answer to this question and others.

It is time to empower your voice and self with true, pure LOVE. It is time to tap in to the grand harmony of Sacred LOVE and to allow this frequency to fuel your voice, passion, and purpose as we co-create a better world blessed in and by true, Sacred LOVE.

It is time now.

LOVE is the way.

From my heart to your heart… sending LOVE, Valorie


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