Letting LOVE In

Allow LOVE's flow

Allow LOVE’s flow.

In my last post, I wrote of opening our hearts and choosing LOVE.  Sometimes, feeling LOVE just happens and it is easy.  Other times, we have to make a conscious decision to LOVE someone or something.  Choosing LOVE is equivalent to allowing flow in our lives.  When we are upset or feeling anything but LOVE in a situation or toward a person, we have typically been triggered by something and we are reacting from that stuck space within where we hold a stored memory or trauma and shutting down.  In this state, we are actually withholding LOVE from others, unconsciously choosing to refrain from loving in a misguided attempt to “protect” our heart, and as we’ll learn, we cannot withhold LOVE from anyone or anything without withholding from ourselves.

Protecting our hearts and ourselves sounds good in any given moment.  Yet, when we are in this place of protection, we are, in reality, placing walls around our heart and choosing not to allow LOVE’s flow of energy toward whomever or whatever we are triggered by at that time.  It may feel that, by this action of withholding from others, we are taking care of and loving ourselves and, as we call it, “protecting” ourselves.  However, what we have truly mastered by withholding LOVE is merely to cut ourselves off from our ability to receive LOVE.  We’ve blocked the flow of LOVE’s energy out, but that means we’ve also now got a block to the inward flow as well.  What we give, we receive.  Thus, withholding LOVE, for any reason, means that we cannot truly allow LOVE in. This includes allowing God’s LOVE in, which when blocked, results in feelings of unworthiness and issues around feeling deserving of blessings and abundance for ourselves and in our lives.

So how do we move past our anger, resentments, or frustrations to embody a state of compassion, forgiveness, and grace?  We begin by choosing LOVE rather than succumbing to its opposite, fear.  In any moment, we are either connected with LOVE or with fear.  Stop now, this very moment, and pause — what are you thinking of as you read these words?  Was the thought connected to LOVE’s energy?  Or was the thought related to an energy other than LOVE? Whatever we choose to focus our attention upon is what we’ll create in our day and our lives. Regardless of where your thoughts are, you may always pause and choose LOVE to reset.  I find the mantra “I choose LOVE now,” to be helpful in redirecting thoughts that have slipped from LOVE’s higher vibrational energy back to LOVE.

Choosing LOVE means deciding to let things or issues go instead of focusing on them and granting forgiveness, wherever it is needed, trusting and knowing that forgiveness does not condone an action or inaction, but simply allows us to release ourselves of carrying the burden of judgement and blame in any situation.   Choosing LOVE is the action of allowing everything to be as it is, without judgement, and letting all thoughts and emotions flow through you without attaching to them or holding them.  Choosing LOVE means we are deciding to allow LOVE to flow while we take care of ourselves with appropriate, healthy, and strong boundaries, wherever needed, and learn to honour ourselves as we listen to our needs and desires.

Love is infinite

LOVE is infinite.

When we choose LOVE as our focus, we consciously make the choice to allow anything that pulls us out of LOVE’s high energy to go from our thoughts and our feelings. In LOVE’s energy, we not only allow the ever-important flow of LOVE around us, we allow ourselves to receive LOVE, letting LOVE in.  In this place of choosing and allowing LOVE, we connect with, and remember, the deep inner peace and the knowing that LOVE is infinite and we are always protected.

Are you letting LOVE in and receiving LOVE in balance with your giving of LOVE?  If recovering from something painful or working through something difficult, have you reached a state of surrender and forgiveness, where necessary, including forgiveness of your self?  Remember, prayer is a powerful tool at any point along the way.  A prayer such as: “God, please help me forgive ____ (fill in the blank here with your needs) and open my heart to LOVE” and/or “God, please help me LOVE myself” are helpful.  Be gentle with your self in your process, as sometimes it can take time and repeated efforts to chisel away and to melt the walls you’ve placed around your heart.  Keep at it! When you are truly and fully breathing LOVE into your heart, you’ll be happy you persevered in choosing LOVE.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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