Loving Ourselves

Are you nice to yourself? Do you compliment yourself? Encourage yourself? LOVE yourself? If not you, then who? It is easy to get caught up in the trap of looking for LOVE and validation outside of ourselves, the trap of seeking others approval, the trap of looking for someone to tell us what to do or what direction to take. We are here to remember our LOVE and our divine essence and empower ourselves. It is time to wake up and embrace ourselves as we are, accepting our perceived imperfections and loving ourselves with them.

Loving our selves allows us to bloom and allows our LOVE to shine.

Our beauty is within, but radiates beyond that confine. We all have our own unique character we bring to our families, our communities, and our world. We all have our own mark we are here to make. How brightly does your heart shine? How far does your LOVE reach?

Learning to LOVE ourselves as we are today, in this moment, is our best liberation from seeking external approval and our greatest empowerment for accomplishing what we are here to do and making the world a better place.

Loving and truly appreciating ourselves each day changes the circuit in our brains to that of  loving ourselves, rather than criticizing ourselves. The more we LOVE ourselves, the stronger we become. If loving yourself is a challenge, work daily with this exercise: Find one thing about yourself each day that you can LOVE, one thing that you can appreciate, and LOVE and appreciate it. It may be your smile or the colour of your eyes or hair. It may be the way that you listen to or help people. It may be the way you work, how you accomplish tasks, or a breakthrough you made. Start looking at yourself through eyes of LOVE and discover your true beauty, inside and out.

As you move to deeper levels of loving yourself, you trust yourself more. Even your connection to God/Source becomes stronger. In loving yourself, you let go of the outer influences and you listen to your heart and your soul. You remember there is a divine plan and purpose for your life experience, for the traumas, for the joys, for the relationships, for the seemingly meaningless moments that one day we will fully understand when we see the bigger picture. As you LOVE yourself, you reawaken your inner knowing and inner power deep within your being and you find that you can truly open your heart and shine.

It’s time to rise and shine. LOVE yourself, so you may LOVE all that is.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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