Our Collective Journey in Calamity, Compassion, and Calmness

Dearest Beloved Friends and Family,

Time ticking by in quarantine.
Art by ARdp

Hello. It’s been a while since my last post here. In the two months since I last sent distance Reiki on March 6, 2020, life as we’ve known it has forever changed. Things are so different now. As time ticks by, with many, if not most, of us in some form of lockdown, shutdown, and/or quarantine, there are a multitude of emotions surfacing, different for some in varying circumstances, though similar in many respects.

There’s a strengthening desire to return to normalcy. But what will our new normal be? How will our new reality look and feel? We can never go back to something that has changed from the way it was. We can only move forward. We can adapt.

Move from fractured, frayed, and unfocused to calm, loving-kindness.

Our hearts ache for many reasons, our minds on overwhelm at times. We ache from loss — of dear ones gone, of livelihoods stripped, of our way of life shattered, of our innocence lost. We hang in there as another day passes, looking to beauty and inspiration, as we persevere, grateful for those on the frontline and for the acts of kindness, grace, and LOVE that fuel our spirit.

I saw a headline on the power of music in healing our spirit. We turned on music and had a dance party the other night. It was fun to move our bodies with silly dance moves, loosening muscles tight from excess computer time with school work for my son and stress. Put on some tunes that make your heart smile to shift and raise your spirit and ease stress. Tap your feet to the rhythm or melody, or better yet, get up and move and groove. Try putting music on softly in the background while you or your children work. Try different genres until you find the one that’s right for you.

A peaceful calm follows a storm.

Our hearts are connected to Higher Truth and LOVE. Cut through any fear and confusion clouding your heart or mind by utilizing LOVE’s powerful energetic vibration to navigate this collective journey through calamity from a space of calm, loving-kindness.

Spend a little time each day opening your heart in LOVE and allowing yourself to be immersed in the silence and vastness of LOVE’s incredible healing energy.

Start small, if this feels challenging, by thinking of someone or something that you LOVE, someone or something that brings a heartfelt smile to your face, or someone or something that makes you laugh, or giggle, out loud. You know what your happy place is. Go to your happy place and open your heart in LOVE and to LOVE. Then be with this energy and allow it to flow around you, filling your heart and home with the deep peace, LOVE, and strength that comes from being ONE with the Universe and God, however we identify our Higher Being and True Source. Stay strong in LOVE and strong in FAITH.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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