Unconditional LOVE is Your Superpower

The messages “Be gentle with yourself” and “To thine own self be true” are powerful ones and so important for all of us! Be gentle with yourself, always! To yourself and your heart be honest and true.

First and foremost, please remember that LOVE IS YOUR ESSENCE, not fear. THIS IS YOUR STRENGTH! Being surrounded by the immense fear and panic energy that is overriding our planet, can weigh heavily in our hearts, bodies, and minds. Make time to pause throughout your day to breathe three to five deep, cleansing breaths, and reconnect your HEART with the Universal LOVE that fortifies us, guides us, and protects us. Pure, Unconditional LOVE is our Superpower.

Unconditional LOVE Is Our Superpower

It is important to keep our thoughts focused positively and consciously on what it is we want to create in our lives, and to make time daily to breathe, unplug, and release old, outdated thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that no longer serve who we are today.

We must breathe to move energy through our bodies, whether they are our own energies or those we have picked up from others. Breathe. Then reconnect our hearts in unconditional LOVE to Universal LOVE and LIGHT, and breathe again.

A thin veil separates us from one another. Remembering careful consideration of, and compassion for, others assists us in keeping our hearts open and our LOVE flowing. Always remember: “There but for the Grace of God, go I.”

We are all in this together, even with such apparent strife and separation all around us. We can rise above the energies of separation to remember our unity, to remember that we all share this same precious Earth, Gaia, and our humanity.

Rise above judgments and limitations. Connect with your Divine Essence and challenge yourself to open to LOVE and to walk a path of LOVE and TRUTH. If in doubt, ask “What would Jesus do?”, or Buddha, or RBG, or any Saint or Being that has reached enlightenment. It is time to raise the bar and to challenge ourselves to reach above that and higher and to excel at our compassion, humanity, and human kindness.


Sending you LOVE, Valorie

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