The Gift of Renewal

Each day we are blessed with a powerful opportunity to begin anew, to start fresh, if we choose to embrace it.  We can surrender the shortcomings of yesterday and any self-criticisms and self-judgements we made.  We can release old patterns that are no longer working for us.  We can choose to see ourselves in our new day with a clean slate and new possibilities.  We have the ability to let go of that which didn't work and to open up to that which may. Sometimes we just need a reminder.  ... Continue reading [...]


Trust is required now, beyond the degrees that you have previously trusted.  Faith... Understanding... Forgiveness... Compassion... LOVE... All have new depths of meaning... Go to the depths of your being to clear all illusion, all that is not truth, all that is not LOVE.  Only LOVE is real. We must cultivate the LOVE of ourselves first and foremost by turning all of the above within and understanding and forgiving ourselves, being compassionate with ourselves, and loving ourselves. The ... Continue reading [...]

Making Time

We move through our days, sometimes with them seeming to blend into one another.  Appointment to appointment.  Errand to errand.  Thought to thought.  How often do you stop just to be present with yourself, present with your awareness?  How often are you present in your challenges and your pain?  How often are you present in your joy and your LOVE? With hectic schedules and preoccupied minds, it is easy to lose yourself.  Not making time for yourself simply to be present with your self ... Continue reading [...]


Flow is essential to our well-being, both being able to flow with everything and being in the flow of everything. Flow reminds me of breath.  There is gentle movement:  in and out, back and forth, expansion and retraction. When we breathe deeply, without constriction, energy moves throughout our being. When we flow fully, without stagnation, we ride the energy waves inside us and around us. Flow is the healthy dance of surrender and acceptance, of embrace and non-attachment. To truly ... Continue reading [...]

My Heart Knows

My Heart Knows I remember in this moment now... My steps are always guided though the path be not always clear. The sun is always shining though clouds obscure at times its rays. My heart always knows deep within my being that for which I seek understanding. As I remove the walls I've placed around it, I see more clearly, I hear more surely, I LOVE more purely. ... Continue reading [...]

Allowing LOVE

LOVE is an incredible energy and has the power to heal.  When we are "in love", we enjoy this energy and float around feeling great.  Then the ego sets in, we call it "reality", and we begin to find faults and lower the vibration of the emotions we were feeling.  What if we chose to allow LOVE instead... to open our hearts to ourselves... to open to the truth of LOVE as a powerful energy rather than limiting it to an emotion we feel or feel we lack? Allowing LOVE in our hearts and our lives ... Continue reading [...]

Breathing Into It

I often find myself recommending to people to "breathe" and "breathe into it" during times such as challenging events, anxiety attacks, emotional upsets, and pains or injuries in the body.  What does it mean to breathe into something and why do I remind people to do it? When we experience disruptions in our energy flow and in our idea of how things should happen or what they mean, there is a natural tendency to hold our breath.  We hold our breath as we wait for what is coming next or wait ... Continue reading [...]